SWL, Feb 2020: FAQs

I’m a beginner and I’d like to book a session in the second stream. Would I be better choosing a small group session or a one-on-one session?

You’ll probably benefit most from a small group session. In the small groups you’ll see Jo or Rachel give feedback on other people’s work and answer their questions, which will give you a broader range of learning opportunities.

I’m an advanced writer and there are specific areas in my work that I know need improvement. Any advice about how I can get the most out of the weekend?

Email us with a little of your background and the areas you think you need to work on and we’ll see if that’s something we can help you address in the Lab.

If I sign up for a ½ hour one-on-one session but the main workshop goes for 1 hour, can I join the main workshop halfway through?

Yes! There will be a smooth flow of people moving in and out for their one-on-one sessions. You’re welcome to re-join the main group afterwards, or if you’ve been inspired, you might prefer to work on your own for a little while.

I’d love to attend but I’ve never shown anyone my writing before and would really rather not do that in the Lab. Am I able to participate without having to share my work?

You can absolutely participate in the full weekend without showing anyone your work! Jo and Rachel are both very mindful of every writer having different needs and we respect that. You might like to book a on-one-one session to talk about writing in general, or you can just focus on the workshop stream. There will be writing exercises during the day, but no requirement to share writing if you’d rather not. When you book in, you might like to make a note on your form that you’d rather not share your work with others, so Jo and Rachel are aware of your preference.

Am I able to bring my baby / breastfeed?

Yes – Jo and Rachel are very supportive of mothers reaching for their dreams. Just make a note on the booking form so we can get back to you about logistics to make the weekend work best for you.

I’d love to come to the Sunshine Writers Lab, but I can’t make those dates. Will you be holding another one?

Absolutely, there will be other Labs in the future! Also, Rachel and Jo often teach individually. We’ll be posting the details of future Labs and other workshops/classes on the website as they are confirmed. However, the best way to ensure you’re in the loop about future events is to sign up to our newsletter. That way the details will arrive conveniently to your inbox!