What People Say About Us

Rachel Bailey and Josephine Moon are both experts in their field but more than that, they’re experts with empathy. Whether it’s the basics of story, character and plot or the nitty gritty of goals, motivation and conflict they have all the aspects of great writing covered, and they know how to teach these things in an entertaining and enlightening way.

Mary-Lou Stephens, formerly ABC radio

Even after writing over eighty romance novels, I found invaluable insights in Rachel Bailey’s all day Deep Dive workshop. Her understanding of the emotional craft of fiction, and the power of story was second to none.

Melanie Milburne, USA Today bestselling author

Josephine Moon is not only a stunning writer but an exceptional teacher. Through her classes, her students are able to tap into the senses, which is such an essential, though often lacking, part of writing. I have witnessed the transformation of her students’ writing within her classes, and the way that, after a single class, their work becomes more layered, more descriptive and more visceral. I would recommend writers of all levels and abilities to sign up to one of Josephine’s classes.

Haylee Nash, Principal, The Nash Agency

There is no one quite like Rachel Bailey when it comes to teaching the intricacies of writing a truly great story. From conflict, tension, motivation, and how to make your black moment truly heart-stopping, Rachel’s workshops are simply ‘can’t miss’. I attended my first Rachel Bailey workshop in 2016 and I still refer to those notes often. Rachel has the gift of being able to break down concepts and makes them easy to understand and replicate in your writing.

Clare Connelly, Amazon USA & UK All Star and bestselling author.

I participated in Josephine Moon’s Writers Masterclass Workshop during the Horizon Arts Festival on the Sunshine Coast. As a screenwriter, I thoroughly appreciated Josephine’s knowledge of the three act film structure and how she applies it to writing a novel.  The atmosphere in the workshop was fun, with creative exercises that kept me engaged throughout the day.  I felt totally inspired and judging by the energy in the room, I know I’m not the only one!  It’s rare to find a workshop taught by someone who has so much knowledge and experience as a best-selling author, and who just so happens to be a natural teacher.

Rebecca Belfield-Kennedy, screenwriter and university lecturer

“Rachel Bailey is a master of making the most complex writing craft simple. I’ve been fortunate to attend several of Rachel’s workshops—the most recent, a full day workshop on conflict. Wow. No matter how much I think I know, Rachel never fails to enrich my knowledge, encouraging me to strive for more. I’d attend any session run by Rachel, and highly recommend her to any writer wanting to take their craft to the next level.”

Michelle Somers, award-winning author

If you are looking for a writing workshop with practical, useful information, from someone who has done the hard yards and succeeded, seek Jo out. Not only will you receive insights into what it takes to get a story from pen, to page, to published, you will have a wonderful time being entertained. Jo is warm and funny and meticulous with research. The depths she goes to for her writing provides a vivid tapestry of stories and details. Each time I see Jo speak I come away with another writing gold nugget and further inspiration to keep up my pen to page.

Wilamina Russo, author and podcaster

Rachel Bailey is an exceptional teacher and mentor. I’ve had a professional association with Rachel for over nine years. In that time she has helped my writing career enormously. Rachel provides excellent writing coaching in a myriad of ways. She can provide advice on story ideas, story and plot structure, characterisation, all the way down to line editing. Rachel is also excellent at providing advice on the business aspects of the writing profession, from which publisher to approach to career management advice.  I’ve attended Rachel’s short workshops and also been privileged enough to attend one of her intensive writing weekends. She took a book that had lost its way and set it on a path to success. If you have a chance to attend one of Rachel’s workshops…don’t miss it!

Jennifer St George, bestselling author & university lecturer

Attending Josephine’s writing workshop has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my writing journey. In her warm and down to earth manner, Josephine showed me how I can take my scattered thoughts and story ideas and bring them into a novel outline while staying true to my ‘pantser’ tendencies at the same time! Thanks to Josephine’s workshop, I now have the right tools for those times when I get stuck mid-story, along with a renewed confidence in my own writing.

Chrissa Reed, teacher

After being lucky enough to attend a masterclass on character development with Rachel, the opportunity to join a 1 day intensive – “Deep Dive” – was a no-brainer! The character development was full of great information, helping me to gain a deeper understanding of my characters and their motivations, as well as being lots of fun (and not just because chocolate was supplied!). I was then able to look at my whole manuscript in the Deep Dive, ensuring all necessary beats were where they were supposed to be. And all delivered in an easy to understand, entertaining format. I’d highly recommend any workshops facilitated by Rachel.

Sue-Ellen Pashley, author

Jo generously shared her love of writing and charmed us with her story. We all became inspired by her enthusiastic passion for storytelling. Her skills are not only restricted to the written pages as she captured the audience and made us envious of those who had already finished reading her novels.

Nicole Fisher, deputy faculty manger, UQ